The Recruitment Secrets: The Top 10 job interview tips you can’t miss – PART 1

Surge Recruitment House have conducted a study asking a total of 100 of our applicants and clients to find out the job interview tips to help best ensure beating the competition and receiving an offer

Whilst there have been countless documents, articles, Tweets and downloads claiming to be the definitive guide to ace that job interview, the Surge Recruitment House job interview tips have been compiled after interviewing 100 people operating within the Midlands property industry. We asked both applicants we were helping to place and clients we were helping to strengthen, what they deemed to be the most valuable job interview tips from their wide and varying experience.

So grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy the first part of the Surge Recruitment House top 10 job interview tips to make sure that when preparing for that next interview to land your dream job, you have the tools in place to give you the best chance.

The Surge Recruitment House Top 10 job interview tips:

  1. The interview begins before the interview – You’d have to be pretty mad or stupid to go into a job interview having not carried out any prior research about the company or role you are interviewing for. Doing this research is imperative in being able to hold both relaxed chit chat: “I see you have recently opened up an office outside of the city, how has moving into a fresh market gone for you so far?” to being able to answer tough interview questions: “Much like the ideas you have written about in your recent company blog, I believe the…”. This research is SO SO SO important, and without it you’ll be left floundering. Remember a good recruitment consultant will always prep you before an interview, to give you insights on the kind of questions you may be asked, what the client is specifically looking for and of any curveball questions the clients likes to chuck in
  1. Look the part – You have probably heard of the old adage ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. Some of the Surge Recruitment House clients we interviewed spoke of the importance of being a 10/10 for presentation at all time, particularly in the property world. If a potential applicant looks the part but is a little rougher around the edges on how they answer questions or their knowledge of the industry, the client view is that they have the raw credentials to be able to learn all that they do not know over time. Scruffiness, both in how the individual presents himself usually filters down into how they carry out their day-to-day tasks. It is something so simple that can make all the difference
  1. Arrive on time – Out of everyone we spoke to, this point was near the very top of the list. From the client side it led the way in terms of biggest frustration and from the applicants side being late was top of the ‘no no’s’. Think about it, if you can’t turn up to a job interview on time how on earth can an employer make the call to offer you the job if he or she is unsure you’ll turn up on time on your first day. Of course there can always be excuses, ‘ I was stuck in traffic’, ‘ my alarm clock didn’t go off’ or ‘my car wouldn’t start’, but in reality you probably didn’t prepare well enough for your journey in as you could have done. DEAL WITH IT. Leave enough time and prepare a route well ahead of schedule, and we will guarantee you’ll make it to your job interview on time, unflustered and ready for an offer
  1. Body language – Even if you’re not a qualified psychologist it doesn’t take a massive amount of common sense to work out when someone is positive in how they hold themselves. Think of someone who, when walking in the interview room, has their shoulders back, back straight, delivers a firm handshake and maintains good eye contact with a soft smile, compared with an applicant who is slightly hunched, softly spoken, looking at the floor with a wet handshake. One exudes confidence whilst the other appears nervous and unsure. These signals we give off before we have even opened our mouths could be the difference between an 5/10 interview and a 10/10 interview. Tie this in with point 2 of looking the part, and before the interview questions have even begun you could be on your way to a winner
  1. Be human – In such a sociable industry such as property, the ability to develop a rapport with the interviewer is of the upmost importance. The Surge Recruitment House clients noted how frustrating it is to meet an applicant with potential, but instead of being able to go off script and discuss points bought up there and then, they stick with scripted answers showing little dynamic thinking or indeed real personality. It makes an interviewer question how well you would fit in with their client base, their professional network and their team. Build a real human rapport, with real human answers and you’re in a far better position to those who may be able to answer a predetermined question with a first class answer

Watch out for PART 2 next week!

“Shoot, yeah?”: If you have any further questions about how you can implement the job interview tips above, or indeed would like to add any tips you have found useful, please comment below or Tweet us or email