Rugby World Cup 2015 – building a winning team

This Saturday sees England’s last warm up game against Ireland at Twickenham, but can professional team spirit and morale in the workplace be bolstered during the 6-week long tournament?

Whilst parallels between elite sporting teams and top-performing businesses are often drawn, and indeed are too vast to address in one single blog post, the spectacle of the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England could indeed offer the perfect excuse for a professional team to come together and recognise a clear mutual interest and common goal for the duration of the tournament.

Employers should recognise, particularly in a sales environment, that morale is everything and by readily accepting that throughout the tournament employees may be distracted, team spirit and energy levels in the office can actually be channelled to boost daily working output. So how can employees manage this inevitable distraction, and turn the tournament into a 6-week long team building exercise?

  • Company sweepstake – Perhaps obvious and inevitable, but the trusty sweepstake is a great way of involving everyone and adding some friendly competition amongst employees. It will help add a new dimension of competition to those who may not have a strong interest in the sport itself, and encourage interaction between employees when their respected teams face each other, that may otherwise not happen
  • Flexi-hour working – Often a sensitive subject as it involves complete trust between employee and employer to ensure the process runs smoothly. However if there is a high-profile game during core working hours, perhaps offer to show the game as long as employees come in an hour earlier or work an hour later. Chuck in a bacon sandwich or pizza and a beer for dinner and these extra hours at the start or end of the day can be novel and incredibly productive
  • Host viewing parties – If a corporate box on the halfway line at Twickenham throughout the tournament is out of reach or indeed out of budget, setting up a meeting room where both employees and clients can come and watch the big games is a good alternative. Watching an England semi-final with some of your clients could provide the perfect time to bond and strengthen business relationships over a mutual love of the sport.
  • Decorate your working environment – Giving the office a makeover for the duration of the tournament can help keep the working environment interesting and can actually provide a fresh impetus to your employers – like Christmas but with less tinsel.

Dont’ believe us? Here are the facts and figures:

  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of UK firms will allow employees the flexibility to watch matches
  • 54% of HR Directors believe Rugby World Cup themed activities in the workplace will have a positive impact on employee morale
  • Only 5% of HR Directors believe the Rugby World Cup 2015 will be a distraction and have a negative impact on their workplace
  • Employers in London are the most accommodating when it comes to allowing workers time off to watch the Rugby World Cup 2015, with almost 30% of employers set to allow flexi-time or early finishers for all employees

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