Top 5 questions to ask yourself before job offering

It’s been close to 6 months since Surge Recruitment House made our first major hire, and after now spending around 18 months ‘on the ground’ and meeting a large number of client and candidates in the Midlands property industry, we often see a very short term view from companies when it comes to hiring.

Of course, it is often impossible to tell how a candidate is going to work out once starting with a new company and we are certainly not going to claim we have a crystal ball to say otherwise. We have found that all you can really go off is a blend of gut instinct, pass employment history/qualifications, past performance (through referencing) and whether or not you are happy to have the individual sat in front of you represent your brand. From then on, the onus is on both the new employer and employee in the early months to deliver all that was promised at interview stage.

Whilst those responsible for hiring will have their preferred interview style and questioning to dig deeper on a candidate (Hollywood example here) , we have put together 5 key questions to ask yourself before putting together that all important job offer:

Q1: Can this individual or does this individual have the capacity to do the fundamentals of the job?

It goes without saying that if a candidate doesn’t understand or isn’t equipped to do the job from their first day, you have to have full belief in them to pick it up in time. Potential when nurtured and developed can be extremely powerful.

Q2: Is this individual going to fit in well with the existing team?

Particularly in the property world where businesses are built on relationships, both internal and external, and also reputation, a new employee has to fit in well and be able to work with the existing team and company culture. One bad hire can ruin a stable business relationship in a moment, and similarly can be disruptive to a well-oiled team.

Q3: Is this individual going to be with us for the long-term?

If the answer is ‘no’ then why bother? The best teams are built steadily over time, and the longer a team can understand each other and work well together the more impressive the results are are going to be.

Q4: Has this individual got the potential to learn and grow if we invest the time in them?

This is at the top of the list of requirements when candidates come to us with the question “Is there room for me to grow and progress?” If an individual is willing to improve day after day, and you invest the time in them, they should continue to grow and evolve into an integral part of the team. Ideally, over time, you want to increase responsibilities and make them more accountable for their daily actions.

Q5: Can we afford to hire and keep this individual?

It’s frustrating when the perfect candidate walks through the door and they are on a salary £10,000 more than you had budgeted for. If you can see with that increased initial outlay that the potential returns are far greater then you have a question to ask yourself; can we afford to hire and subsequently keep this individual over an extended period of time?

Whether you are a recruiter, hiring manager or business owner have you got more questions to add to the above? We are sure you will have a number of ‘go-to’ questions that you may like to ask in interviews before making that important job offer.

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