Getting the basics right

In a world where it is often difficult to think clearly through the daily noise that surrounds us all, our Managing Director Gerard McVeigh explores some fundamental considerations that can help you stand out and make that all important positive impression in a new or existing position.

Over the past number of years holding 1000s of client and applicant interviews I like to think I have a good inner compass to recognise when a particular role is worth piling resource into or when a strong applicant is searching for a new challenge for the right reasons.

Occasionally however, I have been surprised when a client has not taken to what we believe to be a well-suited introduction, somebody who in person and on paper ticked all the job specification requirements. Similarly, it is very surprising when a strong candidate comes to us looking for a fresh challenge, perhaps on their own accord or because they’ve been let go by their most recent employer.

Whilst of course there are a number of big business decisions that go into making hires and letting people go, it cannot be overlooked just how subjective the HR industry is. For example, an individual we at Surge Recruitment House may take a shine to, may just know how to rub up a potential employer the wrong way in a 30-minute interview.

It’s these cases that interest me most and I always make sure that through detailed feedback from both the client and applicant (I’ve done another blog on the importance of this here), we try our best to ascertain why these these candidates may have fallen short.

Likewise, if you have found yourself being let go from a position in recent months, it’s most probably not because you can no longer do the job you were originally hired for anymore, but more because your attitude or work ethic has become tired and waned in recent years. You want to stand out for all the right reasons and here’s how:

  • Punctuality: Remember that person who always turns up late first thing in the morning or to a meeting? We do too. It’s a sure fire way to make sure you stand out for all the wrong reasons and it signals someone who is disorganised, rushed and out of control.
  • Energy: Sitting next to a colleague who is always tired, ill or hungry and just generally pretty flat quickly has a habit of bringing the whole team down. Not only that, but if you are talking to clients with the same low-level energy, it doesn’t make them think you are the best person to take care of the problem they are speaking to your company about.
  • Attitude: Linked with energy, but if you can have a positive attitude it will reflect into every task, conversation and interaction you have throughout the working day. Not only this but if you can get into the habit of having an excellent attitude at work it will rub off into your personal life which can only be a good thing. Read this article from Career Experts here 
  • Work Ethic: Always wanting to take on new tasks, be the first to volunteer to manage a new client or just generally being on hand to fight for the business cause is a sure-fire way to give off the right impression to not just your colleagues but also potential clients outside of the business
  • Extra Mile: There is no greater feeling than hearing from a client that they are impressed with your ability to exceed their expectations with your level of service. This is what we strive for at Surge Recruitment House when dealing with clients and applicants and in your day to day position if you always try to excite and exceed you will become invaluable to the company you are representing.

The best part of all the above is that they are FREE to consider and implement and will cost you nothing but time reading and educating yourself on techniques to improve each point.

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