Feedback – without it , recruitment becomes a lottery

After an interview has been arranged and conducted, feedback is crucial for the recruiter, client and applicant alike – without it the whole process may as well have not happened

We always like to hear from others how we are doing. I think it is probably in our DNA to enjoy positive reinforcement and to be verbally patted on the back. It allows us to gage and measure how we performed and it can highlight areas for improvement in future, if and when another opportunity comes knocking. Without it, individuals only have their own personal compass to judge exactly how a performance went, and whilst this compass becomes more accurate with time and experience, opinions of others should always be taken into consideration. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to agree with these opinions, but constructive criticism can be the difference in the future of missing out on a dream job and securing it.

Even the most seasoned recruiter needs to hear feedback from their clients and applicants, and the most successful will always take this feedback onboard regardless of whether they agree or disagree. An applicant needs to feedback constantly to their recruiter on whether the positions that are being presented are suitable and of interest and likewise, a client needs to feedback to their recruiter on whether the individuals that are being presented are suitable and of interest.

Sadly however a simple ‘no, that role isn’t suitable’ or ‘ no, that applicant is not right’ isn’t going to help anyone. Whilst it’s the easy response, it actually presents a barrage of further questions rather than providing any resolutions; ‘why isn’t the role right?’, ‘ is the money not competitive enough?’ , ‘is the location wrong?’ , ‘did the candidate have enough experience?’ , ‘was the candidate asking for too much of a salary increase’.

The most important outcome from this lack of feedback is that the applicant is no closer to finding their next career opportunity and the client is no closer to filling their empty seat. It’s lose/lose for just about everybody in the situation and quite frankly the interview may as well of not taken place.

From here on in the chances of a recruiter making the right job suggestion and subsequent introduction is more or less a lottery, thus, apart from on the odd lucky occasion, further valuable time for all parties is going to be wasted.

Now of course the onus is somewhat on the recruiter to know their applicants inside out and likewise have an expert understanding of their clients’ requirements, but when it comes to dealing with the unpredictable world of people, numerous factors come into play that are unforeseen, unexpected and often out of the blue.

Surge Recruitment House meet with everyone we represent, both client and applicants so we have a very firm understanding of both parties requirements. We will pester for feedback after each meeting, in turn allowing us to be far more accurate in our recommendations. Without a suitable level of feedback we are not afraid of turning down applicants or clients as we know the whole process is going to be a waste of time and a lottery for everyone involved.

It is no surprise that both the applicants who secure their dream position and the clients who have built over time a market leading team, understand the importance of always providing detailed feedback as ultimately they recognise in the long run it is key to making their recruitment process a success.

We would of course enjoy your feedback on this article, and likewise if you’d like to book an initial consultation with us to find out more information about the services we can provide, why not get in touch today? We promise it won’t be a waste of time.

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