Keep an eye on your sales figures but a closer eye on your referral numbers

Exceptional customer service is still the Daddy

I recently had a pretty dreadful experience at Surge Recruitment House HQ with a mobile phone and internet provider. I am not going to name and shame, but the attractive branding, the fancy TV adverts and the personalised too-good-to-be-true offer that was drawn up in the store sucked me in.

I had shopped around and had a few conversations with other providers, but this company couldn’t be beaten on price and the chap in the store was pretty friendly so I signed up and took them up on their offer.

I didn’t dwell too much on my decision as most of these companies offer more or less the same service – internet is internet after all.

Six weeks on from that first meeting, I am still without internet, despite being promised I would be connected within fourteen days of my order being placed.

So where does that leave me?

Such has been the provider’s abysmal standard of service, I will now actively go out of my way to ward people off using them. If I hear the faintest murmur of a friend, relative or even just a passing comment of a stranger, I will make sure that I make them aware of the dreadful experience I have had – I will not refer them to anyone.

Throughout the six weeks since the first meeting, you would be amazed at the amount of times I have had this discussion. It comes up in conversation regularly, I have recited and laughed at the dreadful customer service I have received along the way to family, and I am quite confident that a number of my friends who were planning on signing up with the company will now go with a competitor -because of me and my experience.

The chap that sold me my too-good-to-be-true package may have hit his sales figures that month, but has cost the company he represents X amount in lack of referrals since our meeting due to over-promising.

I have heard similar horror stories from many who have dealt with recruiters – that goes for both applicants and clients. Phrases such as ‘I was pushed into a particular role’, ‘the applicant didn’t turn up in his second week’ or ‘the recruiter didn’t understand my requirements’ can be avoided by demonstrating the correct and ethical level of recruitment customer service.

The truth of the matter is that if you are not delivering an exceptional level of customer service each and every time, you are missing out on the opportunity for your clients and applicants to become the most invaluable brand advocates any company could hope for. In turn these individuals and companies won’t just be extremely happy and satisfied with the service you delivered to them personally, but they will go out of their way to recommend you to friends, family and anybody they hear who may be looking for a similar level of service they experienced first hand. They’ll ‘Tweet it’, ‘Facebook it’ or endorse you on LinkedIn.

Hitting your sales figures is of course important but keep a closer eye on the number of referrals you are generating, as in the longer term this is what is going to make or break your recruitment career. Every recruiter knows that the dream scenario and the holy grail of recruitment, is to have quality clients and applicants approaching you, because they have been told about the exceptional level of service you have provided consistently in the past.

At Surge Recruitment House we understand just how important it is to build a referral network – so why not experience our impeccable level of service first hand, by booking a free initial consultation here, and let us give you something positive to shout about.