Ask any business owner what the key to running a successful operation is, and the answer will always be the people. Without the strongest individuals powering day-to-day operations, business will undoubtedly stall and stagnate.

We get a kick out of placing industry leading applicants in the right positions, and enjoy having a hand in the success that appointment brings. It is not just about appointing the right personality with the desired credentials, but more about hiring an individual who can offer exceptional return on your investment by adding real value and boosting business.

Surge Recruitment House are not looking to form partnerships with companies looking for a quick personnel fix, but we aim to establish and grow relationships that last. We want to be experts in your business, so when you have a vacancy that urgently needs filling, you can depend on Surge Recruitment House to deliver options that perfectly match your criteria – we want to be the only Midlands property recruitment consultancy you need to speak with.

If you would like to book an initial consultation or discuss our Midlands property recruitment service in more detail please email or call +44 (0) 121 647 3730 to discuss your requirement.

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