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  • The recruitment secrets – what clients and applicants really want to see from their recruiter

    Most companies and applicants get bombarded everyday by various recruiters from different sectors – how are YOU going to prove your worth?
    The scenario:

    You’re out in a noisy bar, and you spot a member of the opposite sex. There is a bit of eye contact and mild flirting, and as the night goes on, you have a few more drinks, and you pluck up the courage to go over.

    ‘Will you marry me?’ you drunkenly splutter as you drop down to one knee.

    If you have ever tried this tactic you’ll have to send an email to viagra priligy online purchase as we would love to hear how that went for you, but chances are you probably haven’t. It’s laughable and fairly stupid to think this total stranger would commit their long-term future to another stranger they know nothing about and only met 30 seconds before.

    The more conventional route of course would be to go for a softer introduction, like a ‘hello’ or ‘can I buy you a drink?’ with a view to maybe securing another meet up in a week or so. Then after years of being happy together, the time may come to pop the question and even then the result may not be guaranteed.

    There is a lot to be said for this approach, and perhaps even more can be said for how comical the first picture we painted was. So how can consultants really please their precious client base and also their ever-changing candidate base?

    Adding value to the client:

    Any recruiter can scour the job’s boards and put forward CVs that match the experience their client has requested. Similarly if an applicant calls in directly looking for a new position, as long as the applicant has experience and is realistic in their expectations, chances are they can be placed.

    The real value to your client however, is having complete knowledge of their business and also of the best operators in the local market. This way, your client isn’t competing with an active applicant, interviewing here there and everywhere. More, setting up a discreet conversation with a passive applicant is going to be a far more valuable conversation for both parties to have in the long run.

    Having a client relationship where you can pick up the phone to the key decision maker and say you have been in touch over the last few months with a great operator who could add real value, is where you differentiate yourself from every other recruiter working your market.

    Ultimately the applicants your client really wants in their empty seat are happy in their current position. It’s the recruiter’s job to build that relationship with the applicant months before they have even thought about other opportunities. This is where your client is going to call you every time over your competitors as you have the ability to turn passive applicants into active applicants.

     Adding value to your applicant base:

    Similarly, you need to be your passive applicants very own career advisor. Whilst your applicants may be happy in their current position, if you place a phone call 3,6,9 months down the line from the first meeting, and say you have an interesting opportunity that may be worth exploring, your relationship is such that your applicant trusts your judgment and they will know that the opportunity is worth listening to.

    Your applicants are the strongest in the market, and they know you have access to the best firms offering the most attractive opportunities. They are open to having discreet conversations with your client base because they know that rather than trying to shoehorn them into a vacancy you urgently need to fill, you, as their chosen recruitment consultant, have taken on board their key criteria, and you have their best interests at heart.

    This is how Surge Recruitment House operate:

    The above approach takes time to perfect, but ultimately it is going to be where recruitment consultants can add real value to both parties. Rather than asking for a hand in marriage on a first meeting, healthy relationships take time, effort and sometimes years of hard work. You have to ‘woo’ and seduce your applicants and clients, build their trust and maybe, just maybe, they’ll fall head over heels for the service your company can offer and tell all their friends about it. priligy online purchase in india

    We do things properly at Surge Recruitment House, as we continue to build out our elite property network of the very best operators in the Midlands property industry. If you’re either a client looking to boost your business or an applicant looking to accelerate their career, gain access to this elite network by calling +44 (0) 121 647 3730 for a discreet conversation today.

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