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  • The Recruitment Secrets: The Top 10 job interview tips you can’t miss – PART 2

     Surge Recruitment House have conducted a study asking a total of 100 of our applicants and clients to find out the job interview tips to help best ensure beating the competition and receiving an offer

    It’s OK, you can breathe again! PART 2 is here of the Surge Recruitment House job interview tips, put together after interviewing 100 people operating within the Midlands property industry. So if you have a big interview coming up, look no further as these job interview tips are what prospective employers want to see and are proven by past applicants on the job hunt. You can also catch up on last week’s instalment viagra priligy online purchase

    1. Confidence is key – This ties in with points 2 on looking the part and point 4 on body language, but confidence really can make the difference in an interview, and give you the edge over competing candidates. Now we aren’t talking here about going in all guns blazing, shouting your points across and sitting back and being cocky. It’s a fine line to judge, but the truth is confidence doesn’t necessarily mean loud, which can be a common misconception. Sitting back and taking in the questions, then delivering answers in a self assured manner is what potential employers are looking for here. In a sales environment especially, having a presence when you are in the interview room is important, but often this can be done calmly without shouting and letting the whole office know. Confidence stems from doing the right preparation, knowledge in your own ability and suitability for the position you are interviewing for.
    1. Honesty really is the best policy – We get it. It is so so tempting to give what you judge is the ideal answer to an interview question, even if it bends the truth slightly. This is the job you want more than anything, and by adding on that extra £10,000 on a monthly sales figure or by over stretching the level of your experience, you know you can land your dream role. However, in the long run chances are you’ll get found out. It may not be until after you’ve started, and you’ll be asked to hit a certain figure or perform a certain duty you said at interview stage you had experience in, and that’s when it’ll come to light that you told a porky. It is here that a level of trust and honesty with your employer breaks down, and it is very difficult to get that back once it has been fractured. It’s best on those tempting answers to be honest, but also add in lines such as ‘ I haven’t got direct experience in that, but I have watched closely and shadowed my boss perform that duty, so I have a good handle on what is expected’. This approach shows willingness to learn, it shows you pay attention and are alert to what others in the working environment are doing. Most importantly it shows that you are an honest, trustworthy and a reliable individual.
    1. ‘Listen, listen, listen’ – It sounds obvious but the key to delivering a good interview is to use your ears far more often than you use your mouth. The mixture of nerves, excitement and apprehension can often turn those being interviewed into blabbering motor mouths. Those individuals then leave the interview feeling as if they have aced it, as those overriding thoughts are, ‘yeah it went well, I spoke a lot’. Quality and not quantity however is the real gage as to how the interview went. Take stock of the questions being asked and absorb all the words that are coming out of the interviewers mouth, so you can structure sensible answers without waffling on in a whirlwind of garbled and often useless information.
    1. ‘Is there anything you’d like to ask us?’ – We have all heard this before and it usually signals that the interview is coming to and end. ‘Nope, I think everything has been covered’ is the usual response, and the lasting impression with this answer can be that of someone a little flat and who is itching to get out of the interview room. Beforehand have a number of questions prepared to ask the interviewer. Safe questions which signal someone who is intelligent, eager and hungry to learn include; ‘ what would be expected of me in my first 6/12 months?’, ‘what is the most enjoyable aspect of working here?’ , ‘do you offer continuing education and professional training?’ and ‘what is the next step in the process?’. This part of the interview gives you some of the control and allows you to take the steer on where the remainder of the interview goes, so use it to play to your strengths.
    1. Always follow up – This part of the process is where a recruitment consultant can best advise on how to follow up your interview. Some clients like talking directly to a potential employee or they may wish to go through a recruitment consultant, but sending a follow up email thanking the interviewer for their time and reiterating your desire to secure the role can sway the interviewers decision particularly if you’re neck and neck with the competition after the interview stage. A good recruitment consultant, who knows their client well will tell you how to approach the follow up. If you are going alone, trust your instinct.

    So there you have it, the complete Surge Recruitment House top job interview tips. If you feel there is anything you’d like to add please comment, priligy online purchase in india, purchase priligy online or email priligy purchase in india, as we’d love to hear your feedback.



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