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  • The Recruitment Process- “Mr Client, don’t wait for the unexpected vacancy, you should always be recruiting!”

    Our Managing Director Gerard McVeigh explores how the recruitment process is evolving and  how businesses should no longer be taking a reactive approach to the hiring process

    Most recruitment consultants can differentiate between their clients who struggle with the hiring process and those clients that seem to pinpoint and attract the best talent operating out in the market. There are no prizes for guessing that the key difference is undoubtedly the polar opposite views and attitudes towards HR and recruitment.

    On the one hand you have a client who takes the incredibly reactive approach to recruitment:

    “I am not interested in hiring in the immediate future as I have no vacancies available, therefore recruitment and HR is at the bottom of my priority list. I will wait until we have a vacancy before looking at CVs and setting up meetings”

    On the other, you have a client who adopts the more proactive approach:

    “ I am always open to hearing from and meeting with good operators out in the local market, especially if they are proven and can deliver superb return on investment. We can always make room for the right individual as I never know when a current employee may leave”

    Now, more so than ever, the recruitment process needs to be constantly front of mind for Directors and business owners, and clients should always be recruiting and on the look out for the next star performer even when there is no vacancy to fill.

    By adopting this approach, it eliminates the frantic rush when one of your top performers leaves through unexpected circumstances. It is at this point that the job is put out to the market, numerous recruiters are called and the job is advertised to attract the best AVAILABLE talent.

    But guess what? What if the best talent isn’t looking and is in fact UNAVAILABLE? What if the perfect man or woman for the seat is quite happy in his or her current seat? What if that seat remains empty for the next month subsequently losing the company £100’s if not £1000’s per day?

    This mad rush can be easily avoided, if Mr Client, you’d read that CV that was sent through to you 3 months ago, and met the individual for a discreet coffee. He wasn’t looking at the time, but you got on well and he would now be perfect for the unexpected empty seat you are now faced with filling. Why not build on that initial conversation and meet for another drink, now there is an immediate requirement?

    With the increasing competition from companies for the best operators in the market, and with these individuals therefore having a great selection of potential job opportunities, businesses need to work harder to attract and secure the top talent.

    Whilst it is obviously impossible to account for every scenario, businesses can reduce the risk of having numerous ‘tricky to fill’ vacancies, by quite simply meeting with more people in their relevant industry and always have one eye on recruiting even when there is no apparent position available.

    So, with all the above in mind Mr.Client, next time a recruiter asks to set up a discreet coffee with someone you have no immediate room for, why not say yes? In the long term, we guarantee you will be better off for it.

    If you want to discuss this article, or add your own thoughts and opinion, please do so below, viagra priligy online purchase, or priligy online purchase in india to join in the conversation.


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