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    Following on from the successful LandAid 10K run in London which attracts over 800 property professionals and this year included a CEO challenge raising over £100,000 for their mission, the fantastic event is coming to the Midlands. Over 200 runners from within the Midlands property industry will be racing to end youth homelessness to support LandAid in their aim to raise £30,000 to bring an empty property back in to use in the region for young people facing homelessness.

    Managing Director Gerard McVeigh and Commercial Director Robert Hall will be running on the day, as well as handing out the trophy to the Fastest Male Under 45 category, which is proudly sponsored by Surge Recruitment House.

    The LandAid Midlands 10K will also celebrate the incredible transformation of Longbridge and give a chance for local companies to be involved as much as possible. The Event Village, located outside Bournville College, is set to be the biggest seen at a LandAid event with Digbeth Dining Club and Classic Ices Vintage Ice Cream already confirmed and a local band and bouncy castle also planned.

    To find out more about this event please click purchase priligy online

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