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  • Surge makes Colmore Row move and Robert Hall joins the ranks

    To coincide with our 1 year anniversary here at Surge Recruitment House, July 2016 has seen us further cement ourselves as the ‘go-to’ property recruitment consultancy across the Midlands.

    We are delighted to announce that our new offices are at the historic Imperial and Whitehall office buildings which form part of ‘The Grand’. Our full address:

    Buy priligy in nigeria, How to purchase priligy

    Robert Hall has also joined the Surge Recruitment House ranks as our Commercial Director. Robert brings with him a wealth of experience in Business Development, Account Management as well as having exposure to the Prime Central London residential property market. He also studied Construction Engineering and Management for 4 years at Loughborough University.

    Robert personifies everything Surge Recruitment House stands for and as well as being extremely personable and respectful, his experience of handling complex business accounts both in the UK and across the world means that he is going to be the perfect individual to help drive us further ahead of the recruitment curve.

    If you need assistance strengthening your current team or are looking to boost your property career do get in touch today by calling us on 0121 6473730 or emailing viagra priligy online purchase


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