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  • Surge announces new Colmore Row base and Director appointment

    Midlands’ property recruitment untouched by Brexit and industry needs to adapt to customer behaviour to stay ahead

    October 2016 – The Midlands’ property recruitment scene still remains buoyant despite Brexit, however industry professionals need to change their game if they want a slice of it, says Surge Recruitment House’s new Commercial Director, Robert Hall.

    Robert joins Birmingham-based Surge at a pivotal time – a year after it was first established and just weeks after snapping up a prime location within the city’s Grand building, just minutes away from the likes of CBRE, Savills, Knight Frank, Cushman and Wakefield and Seven Capital.

    With a background in UK and global business development, account management and the Central London residential property market, Robert’s focus is on spearheading Surge’s ambitious growth plans to expand its already extensive residential and commercial client base.

    “While there’s understandably a degree of uncertainty around Brexit and the full effects of leaving the EU won’t become apparent for at least another two years, early suggestions are that the Midlands’ property market won’t experience the same extremes as London, which is still very much in its own bubble,” said Robert.

    “Initially, it was predicted there was going to be a slowdown within the property market, with companies putting hiring freezes in place. But having spoken with the owners and directors of many of the Midlands’ property companies, we’ve found the general feeling is that it’s business as usual.”

    However, while property recruitment in the Midlands may not be experiencing the go-slow that was originally forecast by many, one of the key challenges currently faced by the industry is the ability to adapt to customer demand.

    “New technologies and innovations are shaping customer behaviour and like most professions, the recruitment sector is rapidly changing as a result. Gone are the days of simply finding candidates by looking at job boards and sending CVs to agencies,” added Robert.

    “In this day and age, the recruitment companies that stand to succeed the most are those that engage with their candidates and clients, not just directly, but as a brand through their integrated marketing, social and PR strategy.

    “Highly qualified applicants are in demand and companies really have to sell themselves at interview stage to attract the best talent around. While many agencies may still use traditional methods, this type of activity is very much limited. It’s property recruitment companies that take a consultative approach and invest time in really getting to know their clients and candidates that stand to yield the best results.”

    Commenting on the appointment, Gerard McVeigh, Managing Director of Surge Recruitment House, said:

    “Robert personifies everything Surge Recruitment House stands for and is going to play a major part in building and delivering our growth strategy.

    “To have moved to Colmore Row, which is the perfect central location, just a year after our launch is a major achievement. Establishing ourselves in such an historic building as The Grand, acts a nice metaphor for the long-standing legacy we’ve set our sights on growing and maintaining.

    “All of the signs are firmly pointing to Birmingham going from strength-to-strength over the next few years with continued overseas investment into the region, inner-city development and the impending HS2 project. We’re delighted to have Robert on board to help us ride the wave of what promises to be a particularly exciting time, probably the most exciting in decades, for the Midlands’ property recruitment sector.”

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