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    Three months ago Surge lost out on a pitch to a recruitment consultancy based in Manchester for a number of positions with a West Midlands based property company. At the time we felt we got our point of view across and clearly outlined to the potential client all the benefits of us being based in the area and being able to utilise our network.

    After being told we had come up short, like any client conversation, you win some you lose some and we put it down to exactly that.

    Last week however, that same property company got back in touch and spoke at length about all that had gone wrong in the past three months and how unsuccessful the recruitment process had been. They flagged up a number of issues that in the cold light of day looked fairly predictable and pretty avoidable.

    We therefore wanted to put it out to our network – how important is it for your recruitment consultant to be based in the patch you’re recruiting in?

    Our answer is pretty simple ; it’s very important.

    There are no doubts that in this technological age, connecting with people at the other end of the country has never been easier. With all the power of email, instant messaging and social media it’s simple to virtually connect with individuals, and engage with them without ever actually meeting with them face to face.

    A number of our competitors do exactly that and we are sure there are success stories that come out of working in this way.

    However, we have always found that the strongest client and candidate meetings have come out of going for after-work drinks, bumping into contacts whilst walking around Birmingham city centre or going for a coffee, or getting involved with social and sporting events within the industry across the region. It’s exactly that type of contact that means our network isn’t reliant on job boards or how many social connections we have.

    The West Midlands market is not like any other market we have worked, and that’s what makes it so rewarding.

    To truly understand it however, without being engrained in the region on a day to day basis, how can a recruiter in Manchester truly put forward the best operator in the Birmingham market?

    We’d love to hear your thoughts – viagra priligy online purchasepriligy online purchase in india, or share in the comments below.

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