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    buy priligy usa / buy priligy online uk / TRAINEE ESTATE AGENT

    Our client, a leading Birmingham city centre independent property company is seeking to bring a trainee lettings and sales negotiator on board.

    You will speak with prospective tenants in depth about their property search, conduct viewings and negotiate offers. This is a target based and commission driven role so would suit someone used to working in a target driven environment, ideally with previous sales experience. Working closely with the Head of Agency, you will be trained on every aspect of estate agency, and the top industry qualifications will be paid for. The director is keen to bring someone up to speed to get out, meet with landlords and begin to conduct valuations much sooner than one might expect with a corporate agency. Unlike many estate agencies, this company offers a 5 day working week, with occasional requirements for Saturday work.

    This business is built on the creation of a hugely appealing marketing and branding strategy, and as such they are on the verge of  expanding.  Some of the company’s most successful negotiators joined without any property experience at all, although the director is receptive to speaking with negotiators with under 6 month’s experience as well.

    The ideal candidate will have:

    • A strong track record in a target driven environment
    • Previous sales experience
    • knowledge of the Birmingham City Centre area
    • a full clean UK driver’s licence
    • the ambition to thrive in a brand new office

    Salary and benefits

    • Basic Salary of £14,000
    • Year 1 on target earnings of £18,000 – £20,000

    If you would like to discuss this role in further detail then give Gerard a call on 0121 6473730 or email

    To apply for this job email your details to priligy online purchase in india

    can i buy priligy over the counter
    where can you buy priligybuy cialis with priligy