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    buy priligy usa / buy priligy online uk / SENIOR SALES NEGOTIATOR

    Surge Recruitment House have been retained to source exceptional Senior Sales Negotiator applicants for a leading and well-established independent Estate Agency in the vibrant and much sought after rural market in the Ashby-de-la-Zouch region.

    Due to expansion and internal promotion our client is looking for a highly capable Senior Sales Negotiator who would relish the opportunity to handle a varied portfolio of agency instructions including cottages, country houses, bare land and farms.

    The role is open to candidates who enjoy a mix of being office based and out and about conducting viewings on our ever-increasing property portfolio. The chosen candidate will be offered a great overall earning package and a fantastic commission structure. This Senior Sales Negotiator needs to be bright, energetic, confidant, organised and extremely well presented and will already have knowledge of the county of Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.

    Role specification
    • Management of the company’s database to optimise sales opportunities. Taking telephone calls, answering website enquiries and registering new applicants
    • Negotiations with applicants and managing the sales process. Manage expectations and overcome objections in a friendly, polite and professional manner.
    • Looking after all prospective/ existing purchasers in a welcoming, professional and efficient manner, delivering exceptional customer service.
    • Develop and maintain close and effective working relationships with all relevant internal colleagues and external contacts
    • Carry out market appraisals and be pro active in going out and winning new business
    • Gaining instructions and preparing properties for sales negotiations and sales progressions
    Person specification
    • An experienced property sales professional with a background in estate agency showing progression throughout their career
    • Thrives in a team oriented environment
    • Understanding of rural properties and the local rural market
    • Commercially astute with a good understanding of the market and competitors
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • Experienced of working in a customer facing sales environment
    • Excellent communications and presentation skills
    • Good listening and communication skills
    • Positive attitude, able to multi task and prioritise
    • Reliable and willing to accept responsibility for seeing actions through
    • Able to build relationships across different departments and work as a team
    • Full, clean driving licence
    • Flexible and entirely applicant dependant
    For further information please call Surge Recruitment House on 0121 647 3730 or to apply submit a copy of your CV to priligy online purchase in india with the job title in the subject header.

    To apply for this job email your details to purchase priligy online

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