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    An opportunity for a proven sales negotiator has arisen with a leading independent agency in Rugby. The successful candidate will ideally have some property negotiating experience, but equally if the candidate can demonstrate the right credentials in other sales related positions they will be also considered. The brand is well established with a number of branches throughout Warwickshire, and they have exciting growth plans to open up another branch within the next year.

    Whilst sales negotiators in Rugby are bought on in a self-employed capacity, the commission structure per deal is extremely favourable and is designed to reward those who work hard. A 3-month guarantee of circa £25,000 will be in place for 3 months whilst the successful sales negotiator gets settled into their new position. The team, company ethos and owner makes this opportunity extremely exciting for someone looking to further their career in property or for someone who wants to get into the industry from another sales position.

    Role specification
    • Management of the company’s database to optimise sales opportunities. Taking telephone calls, answering website enquiries and registering new applicants
    • Negotiations with applicants and managing the sales process. Manage expectations and overcome objections in a friendly, polite and professional manner.
    • Looking after all prospective/ existing purchasers in a welcoming, professional and efficient manner, delivering exceptional customer service.
    • Develop and maintain close and effective working relationships with all relevant internal colleagues and external contacts.
    Person specification
    • An experienced property sales professional with a background in estate agency showing progression throughout their career
    • Commercially astute with a good understanding of the market and competitors
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • Experienced of working in a customer facing sales environment
    • Excellent communications and presentation skills
    • Good listening and communication skills
    • Positive attitude, able to multi task and prioritise
    • Reliable and willing to accept responsibility for seeing actions through
    • Able to build relationships across different departments and work as a team
    • Good team player, happy to encourage and support others and share ideas
    • Full, clean driving licence
    •  Self-employed with up to 30% uncapped commission per deal
    • £25,000 guarantee in place for first 3 months
    • Team lunches and other performance-related incentives
    • £28,000-£30,000 OTE first year


    For further information please call Surge Recruitment House on 0121 647 3730 or to apply submit a copy of your CV to priligy online purchase in india with the job title in the subject header.


    To apply for this job email your details to purchase priligy online

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