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    buy priligy usa / buy priligy online uk / SALES ADMINISTRATOR

    A rapidly growing property development company are looking for a charismatic, confident Sales Administrator to join their busy and expanding team at their head offices based Solihull.

    Ideally the successful Sales Administrator would have had some previous experience of the property industry and be driven at the prospect of tackling a fresh challenge in an ambitious, young company. Duties of the Sales Administrator role will include the day-to-day running of the busy office, assisting the Sales & Marketing Director, as well as being the first point of call for site based sales members and providing general office support.

    Role and Person Specification

    • Being the first point of contact for all field based sales members
    • Managing diaries and organising meetings
    • Receiving incoming calls for the sales department
    • Maintaining a high level of customer service during all responsibilities
    • General office support for the entire Sales Department
    • General administration duties
    • Producing weekly and monthly sales reports, assisting in the setting up of new sales and marketing suites
    • Assisting purchasers with their internal choices which will include visiting the developments
    • Good knowledge of Word, Excel and other programmes
    • Drive to succeed in a very busy environment


    • £25,000 per annum
    • Immediate start

    For further information please call Surge Recruitment House on 0121 647 3730 or to apply submit a copy of your CV to priligy online purchase in india with the job title in the subject header





    To apply for this job email your details to purchase priligy online

    where can you buy priligy
    buy cialis with priligybuy cialis with priligy online