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    buy priligy usa / buy priligy online uk / LETTINGS NEGOTIATOR/OPERATIONAL CLERK

    We have an exciting and unique opportunity to work for a family run national residential and commercial lettings and property management business as a Lettings Negotiator/Operational Clerk. This is the perfect chance for an individual who either wants to get into the property industry, or an individual who has some working understanding and experience of the Lettings process. The position is based near Bromsgrove in a truly unique and spectacular working environment.

    This role requires a proactive, friendly and personable individual who preferably has previous experience with the property industry (although not essential) to carry out a multifaceted role that includes negotiation, tenancy management, liaising with contractors and general administrative duties to support the lettings team. There will also be a need for this individual to manage other letting agents throughout the UK who manage the company’s stock outside of the Midlands.

    This role is office based and is Monday to Friday only with no Saturday work required. Our client will offer opportunities of funding towards ARLA if the individual is not already qualified.

    Role Specification:

    • Registering potential tenants and matching suitable properties
    • Organising and attending viewings.
    • Building and maintaining relationships with landlords, tenants, contractors and agents.
    • Negotiating letting terms
    • Initiating, progressing and completing tenant referencing
    • Arranging all associated tenancy paperwork
    • Recording information into the software management system (Jupix).

    Person Specification:

    • Educated to A Level standard or suitable experience to meet the requirements of this role.
    • Microsoft application knowledge – particularly Word, Excel & Outlook.
    • Administrative Experience
    • Excellent communication skills. (Both verbal and written).
    • Full clean UK or EU driving licence and access to a vehicle for work.


    •  £18,000 plus performance related bonus with an OTE of £19,000-£20,000 year 1.


    To apply for this job email your details to priligy online purchase in india

    can i buy priligy over the counter
    where can you buy priligybuy cialis with priligy