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  • Death of the job board?

    Our Managing Director discusses a recent meeting where a client dismissed recruitment as “just sifting through the job boards and waiting for the right applicant to apply”

    It sounds a little morbid to talk about death at this time of year, especially after ‘Blue Monday’ has come and thankfully gone. However, with the turn of the year, I do believe that 2016 will see recruiters having to adapt and switch their methods of candidate generation away from practices that perhaps have been relatively successful and proven in the past.

    A client I met with before Christmas clearly didn’t see the value in what we, as property recruiters, provide to our client and applicant base, and simply dismissed our service as advertising a job on Reed, CV Library or the like, and then waiting for the applications to flood in. We then get two or three applicants to interview (apparently), grab our fee and run off into the sunset when the client chooses who is going to suit the role best.

    Now, I can’t speak for every recruiter in the property industry, and I know for a fact that some of our competitors offer this fairly limited CV-sending service, in which case I can absolutely see where this client was coming from. On the other hand, we at Surge Recruitment House, understand that surfing the job boards is not a form of recruitment that requires the skills, expertise and knowledge of our clients and the local market that we readily provide.

    Any successful recruiter will tell you that the job boards rarely throw up an applicant that is perfect for a specific role. When the odd gem does appear, they are most probably in the midst of a melee of talking to five or six other recruiters, all pulling them in different directions, scrapping to get them along to various vacancies.It is at this point that what’s truly best for the client or applicant goes out the window.

    However, our strengths lie in our relationships and our network which is why I am so focussed on us being considered a consultancy rather than an agency. We build long lasting relationships with clients and applicants alike and help advise on best practice along the way. We don’t rely on waiting for the right CV to come through the job boards. We build out our elite property network, of the best operators out in the market, and through those relationships gain access to candidates off the market through our referral system. I keep saying to our clients that the ideal candidate for their vacancies are very comfortable sat in a competitor’s seat, and it is our job to turn their head and set up those conversations on behalf of our client base.

    So whilst job boards can be useful and occasionally throw up a diamond in the rough, any recruiter that relies solely on this method of recruitment is limited in the candidates they can supply. Building out a professional network is something we work on every hour of everyday, and anyone who works with us, automatically gains access to those unadvertised positions or apparently unavailable candidates.

    We always reward those willing to refer people through to us, by sending out £100 worth of Selfridges vouchers for anyone referred and we subsequently place, and if you want a personal, professional and consultative approach to hunting for your next opportunity or finding your next fee earner, don’t rely on a job board, contact us viagra priligy online purchase

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