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  • Birmingham named city of the year in 2015 Estates Gazette and MIPIM UK awards

    Last week Birmingham was named ‘City of the Year’ at the 2015 Estates Gazette and MIPIM UK awards ceremony.

    The completion of Birmingham New Street station and Grand Central, alongside the unveiling and subsequent approval of a huge £500million regeneration scheme of the Birmingham Smithfield project, and the Snowhill Masterplan has meant that the city took the number 1 spot for 2015.

    Earlier this year, Coleshill based IM Properties shared their proposals to construct a huge wholesale building on the site of the current Birmingham Wholesale Markets, which sits close to the Bullring, along with further mixed-use residential and commercial accommodation. This multi-million pound investment forms part of a wider £500million Birmingham Smithfield project, which incorporates the Bull Ring Markets and Moat Lane gyratory, and will attract the attention of investors both in the UK and internationally.

    The Snow Hill Masterplan has been dubbed Birmingham’s answer to Canary Wharf and it will look to transform the current business district. Some of the major changes will include a brand new residential space in Steelhouse Lane, pedestrianisation on Colmore Row and the inclusion of giant new office blocks, with a number of businesses, especially legal firms wanting to benefit from the completion of HS2. The Masterplan should boost the city’s economy by an estimated £600million per year.

    With so much going on in the city, it is no surprise that Birmingham has been given top spot at the prestigious property award ceremony, and there seems to be more interest in the city than ever before.

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