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  • 5 warning signs it’s time to leave your job

    Whilst it’s natural to go through ups and downs at work, there are some key signs to be aware of that could spell the end for your current position, and encourage you to start looking for a fresh challenge

     Moaning about Monday and looking forward to Friday are feelings we all experience regardless of our job role, the industry we operate in or our profession. Whilst a lucky few can boast total fulfilment in their employment, with some even going as far as saying they look forward to Monday mornings (imagine that), let’s face it, for the majority there are good weeks and bad weeks. What’s most important is making sure the good weeks outnumber the bad weeks.

    Some people we have encountered are very quick and forthright in coming to the conclusion that it is time for a new challenge, whilst others wait and wait and wait for things to improve even when it is quite clear from a recruitment consultant’s point of view that the change they are awaiting is never going to happen. It could be a boss stuck in his ways, a company that has little ambition to feed off, or that one colleague you have to work with on a daily basis that you just can’t stand. Whilst it is a daunting process to leave the company you may have been loyal to for 10+ years, the longer you drag the change you know you need out, the more both you and your company suffers.

    Surge Recruitment House have therefore taken it upon ourselves to pinpoint the warning signs you need to be aware of:

    • You’ve stopped believing – You have stopped believing in the company, the direction it is going and it’s plans for the year ahead. You may have also stopped believing in your boss. He or she is the figurehead, the motivator, the leader, the inspiration, the advisor you go to when you are having a tough day or are dealing with a tricky client. You may have also stopped believing in your colleagues and find you don’t have much in common with them anymore. You may find yourself frequently disagreeing with how they carry out their day to day tasks and duties.
    • Zero passion – Teams work best when they are all working towards a common goal, with each individual feeling valued and as though they can contribute regardless of their experience. If, when it comes to offering opinions and making decisions you feel little passion either way for the outcome of these decisions, however big or small, your heart and head are clearly not where they need to be. You should feel passionate and proud of the company you work for and the position you hold within that company. If you begin feeling indifferent, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.
    • Stress – Of course there are elements of every job that bring stress and anxiety. It could be that deadline you have to hit, or that presentation in front of the board that you need to deliver. However, if this stress is continuous both at work during the day and when you are lying in bed at night, it can become incredibly unhealthy. Some people can deal with stress better than others, and it can often come down to genetics, your personality or your attitude. If you are finding you’re continually stressed over the smallest problem, and moaning to colleagues around the kitchen kettle is the norm, it may be time to simply accept that your working routine needs a reboot. If you experience ongoing anxiety about your progression opportunities, you feel underpaid and undervalued; for the sake of your health and wellbeing begin to plan your next move.

    Where can i buy priligy hydrochloride, Buy tadalafil+priligy

    • You have stopped learning – Whether it be learning a solution to a new problem or hearing a new piece of advice, it is these occurrences that keep you feeling fresh, new and excited. Why do you think the first few weeks of a new job are so rewarding? It’s because you’re learning everyday, as everything is unfamiliar. From the people, to the new environment, to the systems and processes, your brain is triggered into action and there is a real sense of stimulation and purpose as you take on board new information. Without these new experiences and without learning on a regular basis, things can begin to feel stagnant.
    • The constant exodus – If staff leaving drinks are a weekly fixture in your diary, perhaps you need to be alert to the reasons why. With this staff churn can come opportunity, but equally if you find you get on particularly well with or share similar interests with the individuals that are moving on, don’t be afraid to ask why and it may highlight one or two key concerns you may have missed.

    Got something to add? Feel free to viagra priligy online purchase, priligy online purchase in india or comment below. Heard enough and want to know how you can prepare your CV for success? Read this: purchase priligy online





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